Marshall TT results 5/6/2009

by Scott Raines date posted 05/06/09

Results from the first TT of the year. Good job everyone! Our times aren’t that much off the pace of last summer late in the year. Sorry about the formatting. I’ll work on that.

Name Start Finish Total Time Avg. (mph)
Marty Sterzinger 00:00.0 26:01.0 26:01.0 23.06213965
Jeff Jorgenson 00:30.0 28:36.0 28:06.0 21.35231317
Tim Boyd 01:00.0 30:45.0 29:45.0 20.16806723
Scott Raines 01:30.0 27:45.0 26:15.0 22.85714286
Dave Horstmann 02:00.0 28:24.0 26:24.0 22.72727273

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Dave wrote:

May 7, 2009 - 7:11am

Thanks Scott for organizing the event, it was mostly fun till the legs gave out.  Lets get a few more to the next one.

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